Php 350.00 Php 350.00 350.0 PHP
Farm: Loon Farm
Origin: Bansalan, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Roast Profile: Medium
Drying Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Php 370.00 Php 370.00 370.0 PHP
Dapliyan Farm
Benguet Blend
Php 240.00 Php 240.00 240.0 PHP
Php 300.00 Php 300.00 300.0 PHP
Origin: Bagong Silang, Bukidnon
Variety: Robusta
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1200
Php 350.00 Php 350.00 350.0 PHP
Farm: Ambassador Farm
Origin: Tublay, Benguet
Roast Profile: Medium
Drying Process: Washed
Elevation: 1400 MASL
Kalita Wave Style #185
Php 3,200.00 Php 3,200.00 3200.0 PHP
Comes with the following:
- 200g of Single Origin beans
- Kalita wave decanter #185
- 1 measuring cup
- Filters

Size: caliber/about 110 mm bottom diameter/about 100 mm, Height (dorippa-setto time)/approx 215 mm

Main product weight: 453g approx.

Material Material: Main body/heat-resistant glass, band/PP (polypropylene) holder/Stainless Steel

Capacity: 600ml

Filter used: uxe-bufiruta- 185 (# 22173)
Romax French Press
Php 950.00 Php 950.00 950.0 PHP
Comes with the following:
- 200g of Single Origin beans
- Romax Coffee press
Kalita Tsubame WDC 185
Php 4,900.00 Php 4,900.00 4900.0 PHP
Kalita’s very first copper product created in collaboration with “Made in Tsubame”, a brand and engraved mark that is given only to products that pass the conditions set by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This new dripper is completely handmade by the qualified craftsmen of Tsubame-shi, a well-known district in Niigata prefecture for its metalworking craftsmen and their techniques.

Produced with Kalita’s traditional three-hole structure with a flat bottom designed to extract evenly allowing to accommodate all brewers. Together with the wave filters, it can be brewed with a consistent flavor by anyone.

Kalita Wave Sandstone 185
Php 2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 2200.0 PHP
This incredibly simple and natural dripper conveys an organic joy of connecting with earth and nature. The matt, natural aesthetics and texture reminds us of the pleasant feeling of being our natural self.

*This dripper is not glazed, so please rinse it with water and clean with a soft sponge after use.
Kalita Wave Glass Server G 500
Php 1,500.00 Php 1,500.00 1500.0 PHP
Perfect with the Kalita Wave Drippers
Compatible with other stand alone drippers including brands from Hario, Kono, and Torch
Compatible with dishwasher and microwave
Kalita Dripper Stand
Php 1,600.00 Php 1,600.00 1600.0 PHP
This elegant, steel-made dripper stand composed of minimalistic lines fits any coffee scenes complimenting your favorite coffee gears. It also allows you to adjust the height in 2 levels that enables every possible combination

Size (mm):160×130×180
Box Size (mm):158×92×187
Weight: 456g
Kalita Wave White Paper Filter #185
Php 350.00 Php 350.00 350.0 PHP
50 sheets of white paper filter for the Kalita Wave dripper. Using the finest quality paper, these unique shaped paper filters create an optimal and consistent brew when combined with the Kalita Wave series drippers.

Kinto SCS Server
Php 1,200.00 Php 1,200.00 1200.0 PHP
Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty collection tends to blend naturally into any space, as though it has always been there
Shasta Dripper Stand
Php 2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 2200.0 PHP
CAFEC Abaca Paper Filter
Php 600.00 Php 600.00 600.0 PHP
Hario V60 Filter 02 Bleached 100's
Php 350.00 Php 350.00 350.0 PHP
Kinto Double Wall Glass
Php 1,000.00 Php 1,000.00 1000.0 PHP
Kinto Coffee Carafe
Php 2,600.00 Php 2,600.00 2600.0 PHP
Coffee Sampler Box
Php 650.00 Php 650.00 650.0 PHP
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